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Welcome to the The xmet 

Who are we?

Founded in February 2017 and have been your fashion and travel partner ever since.
Style never sleeps and neither do we, we’re here for you 24/7, dropping over 5 new and trendy fashion and travel articles every month so you always have access to the latest and most stylish fashion trends. Our main goal is to make fashion and travelling fun so everyone can get the best experience of both worlds.
One thing we love more than your amazing style is your individuality, we want to help you show it off, do your thing and look incredible at the same time.
Our philosophy
Our philosophy is pretty simple: we don’t take life, or fashion, too seriously. Simply put, we just love to travel in fashion.
You can consider us your BFF and can always count on us. We’ll continuously update you with all the latest outfits and travel articles you could ever need to keep style and travel knowledge up-to-date. Whether you are looking for an outfit to wear on a date, or get a fresh air to breathe, we’ll give you the best recommendations that will give you exactly what you need.
What We Care About the Most
Obviously, You! Our readers are our first priority from the start and will always be. We always provide top-quality travelling and style trends to our readers so they can trust us every time they want to go on a vacation. We only post outstanding sponsored posts so you can find the best deals, and even get the best selection if you go through our given link. Because we are very selective.
Constantly Improving
We started from writing a few articles at a time to now writing  every month, and also give best deals to our readers. We are best known for the quality of our articles because we fully research the facts and figures before writing so you can follow our advice with peace of mind.
We are you best friend when it comes to travel and fashion. These two topics are hard to pull off, but we work hard and come up with new and best articles for you so you can rock the trend and feel great every time you wear our advised product. We constantly try to improve ourselves in every manner so that we can keep you updated with the following trend.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
When it comes to travel and clothing, most bloggers think that it’s not that kind of a big deal to stress on, and they just keep repeating the same old articles thinking people would like them. But Thexmet gives you the latest designs and travel tips, so you can keep up with the trend and always look your best. Thexmet got something for both men and women and I’m sure you would not be disappointed.
Thexmet always want to make the best and top-quality content that our readers would love. No doubt it takes a great deal of expertise but we have learnt a lot from our experiences and only plan to go further.
Our motto of the company is to never stop learning, that’s how we always come up with the best articles because we keep up with the trend, and learn about the latest fashion trends and best travelling places that are trending at the moment.
So, are you planning to change your wardrobe or thinking where to go on vacation? Read our articles and get the best advice that will change your life! For more Information Visit Our Contact Us page

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